Disability Visibility Project

Access Is Love

Photo of 3 disabled Asian Americans, Mia Mingus, Alice Wong and Sandy Ho (from left to right). Mia is wearing glasses and large hoop earrings. Alice is wearing a brightly colored scarf and an army-camouflage-print jacket. She is wearing a mask over her nose with a tube for her Bi-Pap machine. Sandy has wavy short hair and is wearing a black sweater. Behind them is a concrete wall with a door. On the top against a white background in black text: “ACCESS IS LOVE” in white. The “O” in “LOVE” is a red heart.

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new project in collaboration with Mia Mingus and Sandy Ho: Access Is Love.

Access Is Love aims to help build a world where accessibility is understood as an act of love. 

We believe access should be a collective responsibility instead of a sole responsibility placed on a few individuals. We outlined 10 ways to start creating and expanding access and included a list of readings and resources on accessibility & disability justice. 

We also have clothing, mugs, totes and stickers available at our online store

A different advocacy group will be highlighted every 2 months. Check out the latest group we’re showing-up for with Love, Solidarity, and Disability Justice.

For any questions about this project: intersectionalitysummit@gmail.com 

Include “Access Is Love Project” in the subject line!

Graphic with a white background with black text that reads “Access Is LOVE” with a red heart as the ‘O’ in LOVE. Below are four images in a row, left to right: an aqua blue onesie with black text that reads Solidarity Is LOVE” with a red heart as the ‘O’ in LOVE, a canvas tote bag with black text that reads “Access Is/ Solidarity Is/ Disability Justice Is/ LOVE” with a red heart as the ‘O’ in LOVE, a black short-sleeved tee-shirt, and a white mug with black text that reads “Access Is LOVE.” At the bottom, centered: #AccessIsLove