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The Disability Visibility Project® receives so much support, time, effort, and labor by people who share their stories stories and engage with us on social media. Since the DVP started in 2014, this has been a labor of love and one that I would like to sustain and develop. I hope you see the value of this project. Thank you for considering to donate.

Two Ways To Support the DVP

DVP on Patreon

Patreon is website that allows ongoing funding for creators. You can pick a level of support from $1/month or more. There is no time commitment. You can cancel or adjust your pledge for any reason at any time.

Go to this link for all the details how Patreon works, the DVP’s fundraising goals, and what your donation will cover:

One-Time Donation via PayPal

If you are uncomfortable giving to the DVP monthly on Patreon and inclined to make a single donation, click on the Donate button below.


*Please note the DVP is NOT a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are not tax-deductible. Any funds raised will go to Disability Visibility LLC and will be spent on activities supporting the DVP’s advocacy and media making activities.

How Your Donation Will Help

Your contribution will help the DVP in a number of ways. Here are a few examples of where your donations might go toward with some approximate estimates:

  • Annual web hosting and domain fees ($36/year).
  • Monthly costs for for Soundcloud Pro ($11.25/month), Canva ($12.95/month), media hosting for audio/video content on Blubrry ($40/month) and WordPress business plan ($24.92/month).
  • Cloud storage to ensure back-up storage of our oral history archive and other materials ($50/year).
  • Transcription of each oral history into text for accessibility (current costs are $50/40-minute transcript with timestamps). We have +140 oral histories and will continue to collect more!
  • Flyers, posters, and other publicity materials used for outreach (Example: $100 for poster and flyers printed and shipped per event).
  • Hiring of freelancers to support the work of the Founder/Director in producing, editing, and publishing DVP interviews.
  • Listening parties–events open to the public where we can all listen to short excerpts of stories from the DVP collection.
  • Consultation with the disability community on future directions and ideas for the future.
  • Many other exciting ideas and projects!

I am aware of donation fatigue and the privilege, politics, and access issues around giving and receiving. I can assure you that every contribution will be appreciated and used wisely. If you want to know more about the DVP’s activities, feel free to email me:

With gratitude,

Asian American woman in a wheelchair wearing a navy hoodie. She is holding a comic book by Marvel, Storm #1, close to her face, covering her mouth.
Asian American woman in a wheelchair wearing a navy hoodie. She is holding a comic book by Marvel, Storm #1, close to her face, covering her mouth.

Alice Wong, Founder/Director 


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