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365 Days with Disability Photo Project

365 Days with Disability is an Instagram-based project that seeks to capture lives with disability, one day and photo at a time, beginning January 1, 2016. This project is spearheaded by Meriah Nichols and Alice Wong of the Disability Visibility Project®.


  • The point of this is to slices of our lives that are lived with a disability. The point is to cross-connect, to show each other and the world what living with a disability is really like. No more and no less amazing than lives without a disability and yet disability can often allow us to experience the world in a particular way.
  • It is about us and by us.

The Way it Works

To start an account, go to Instagram:

If you have a disability or are an ally of the disabled community and want to participate, simply upload a photo that you want to share of your life and hashtag it #365dayswithdisability on Instagram. Selfies, current and past photos are welcome! Check out the latest images:

All photos that have been hashtagged #365dayswithdisability will automatically be added to the project.

What happens when a photo is added to the project?

  • It will be a part of the carousel and slideshow on Two Thirds of the Planet. Photos will be featured on both the website and the @365dayswithdisability Instagram account

Do I need to watermark my photos?

  • You can add a watermark if you want. There are easy ways to add a watermark on your mobile device using watermark apps, and you can also watermark using picasa or picmonkey.

Questions about accessibility or how to participate?

Email Meriah here:

Please note:

Images posted for #365dayswithdisability cannot be added to the archive at the Library of Congress unlike our oral histories with StoryCorps.


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