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Oral Histories with the StoryCorps app

StoryCorps App

The Disability Visibility Project® received a few questions from people about the StoryCorps app that is now available on the iTunes App store and from Google Play store. If you are interested in using the app, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Yes, you can record your story for the Disability Visibility Project using the StoryCorps app! The app works on a computer or smartphone.
  • To get started, use this helpful guide, 5 Steps to Recording Your StoryCorps App Interview 
  • Super important! Be sure to add “Disability Visibility Project” as one of your keywords so we can find and keep track of your interview!
  • For more information on how to get started, using the app, and how to upload your recording to the app:
  • PLEASE NOTE: The DVP may produce short blog posts and audio clips from  stories you submit to this community on the StoryCorps app.

Check out the stories on the StoryCorps app for the DVP by clicking on the image below.

Image description of two entries to the for the Disability Visibility Project: One is by Aria Tonini December 7, 2015, A Glimpse into the Mind of Someone with Dyslexia Keywords: disabilities Disability Visibility Project Dyslexia learning disability Students with exceptionalities Maine University of Southern Maine. The second one is by Jeanette Spalding, July 21, 2015, At the Corner of Winter and Washington Keywords: ADA 25 ADA25 Assistive Technology blind Disability Visibility Project physical disabilities Wheelchair Boston MA Boston Police Department



For more information about the StoryCorps app:

Accessibility and the DVP

If you use a sign language interpreter or facilitator when you recorded your story with the StoryCorps app, the DVP has limited funds to reimburse for those services. Details here:

Questions About the DVP?


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