To kick off the New Year in 2016, the Disability Visibility Project™ is offering some sweet, sweet swag! Show your disability pride and love for the community while supporting the work of the DVP. 15% of every product’s cost will go toward our activities and outreach. Check out our Donate page for some examples of what the funds will go toward.

The collection of apparel and products from the DisabilityVisibility Zazzle store features our new slogan: “The Future Is Disabled.” Does it sound ominous? Hopeful? Inevitable? What does it mean? What does your future look like?

This is a theme the DVP will explore with the disability community in the coming year. Tells us what you think via Facebook, Twitter, or email (see below)!

Show It Off!

These are the perfect products to use at your next conference, meeting, parade, advocacy campaign or celebration.

Wear or display your swag with pride. Post an image with a text description to our Facebook group or Tweet a photo using the hashtag #TheFutureIsDisabled

Screenshot of Erin H.'s tweet with her black-and-white photo of a white mug that reads, "The Future Is Disabled" with a bent straw. Erin's tweet reads: "Snow & windy. But I have my new mug with tea, ginger snaps, & books, so I'm good. #‎TheFutureIsDisabled #‎blizzard2016"
Thank you to Erin H.’s tweet showing off her The Future Is Disabled mug! This tweet is from 1/22/16. Follow Erin on Twitter: @geekygimp

Want to see other “The Future Is Disabled” products? Be sure to send a message at our Zazzle store’s profile and the DVP will do its best to accommodate.

Check out our full range of products here:

Below are a few examples of our DVP swag:

Origins: “The Future Is Disabled”

Many years ago I was in a meeting brainstorming names for a curriculum for youth with disabilities about employment featuring  role models with disabilities from various career fields. I suggested the title “Open Futures” as a reference and a direct rebuttal to philosopher Peter Singer who asserted that disabled infants should die because, “it has no sense of the future.” The documentary FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement also influenced my thinking about the evolution of bodies, technology and ideas of disability.

Fast forward to November 2015. The initial inspiration for slogan “The Future Is Disabled” came from a photo by Liza Cowan of Alix Dobkin wearing a t-shirt that read, “the future is female.” The slogan and original shirt were from Labyris Books in New York City. Inspiration for the buttons came from Liza Cowan and the apparel by in Los Angeles.

After seeing those images, “The Future Is Disabled” was born.

Check out our first Twitter conversation on #TheFutureIsDisabled:


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