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Oral Histories at StoryCorps (in person)

StoryCorps: In person (Chicago, Atlanta, Mobile Tour)

Anyone who records at StoryCorps can have their recording included in the Disability Visibility Project®. The easiest way to schedule your StoryCorps appointment is online. Click here to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment by phone at 800-850-4406.

*Please check the StoryCorps website for information on COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note: the San Francisco booth closed February 2018.

Important: Be sure to enter the Disability Visibility Project when the reservation form asks “If you are making this appointment on behalf of a partner organization, please enter the organization name here.”

Include any accommodations or accessibility needs you might have in the Notes section (e.g., two wheelchair users, bringing an ASL interpreter, using a communication device).

Keep in Mind:

– There is a maximum limit of 3 people in the StoryBooth.

– Participants should be at least 10 years old, and StoryCorps staff cannot supervise any minors left outside the StoryBooth during the recording.

– Please be considerate of StoryCorps staff and waitlist participants: cancel your appointment as soon as you know you cannot attend, and at least 48 hours in advance in order to allow others a chance to book the appointment.

-If you use a sign language interpreter or facilitator during your appointment, the DVP has limited funds to reimburse for those services. Details here:

-Mobile Tour: the mobile trailer can only fit 1 wheelchair user and one non-wheelchair user at this time.

– As a community partnership with StoryCorps, the DVP may produce short blog posts and audio clips from your recording.

Contact Info: StoryCorps

Each StoryCorps location is unique and all StoryCorps’ locations are wheelchair accessible. For any other questions about StoryCorps, contact StoryCorps directly here.

Questions to Ask

There are no rules on what to talk about during your recording session as long as it’s centered on the lived experience of disability. For more:

For more information about the recording process, please read StoryCorps’ What-to-Expect page and StoryCorps’ Frequently Asked Questions.

For a video tour of StoryCorps San Francisco and their accessibility features (similar for Chicago/Atlanta):

Note on Accessibility

Since StoryCorps records stories by audio only, the DVP is aware of the audist nature of this format. For people who use visual communication or other non-verbal forms of communication, the DVP offers these suggestions/options:

  1. Having a sign language interpreter or facilitator to relay your communication verbally when recording your oral history. The DVP understands this can be a hardship and unfair burden (see options #2 and #3).
  2. Create a YouTube video with your story including the same info required by the app (title of your interview, name(s) of participants, keywords). Please include captions in your video (not the auto-generated ones) so it can be accessible to all members of the disability community. The DVP will record an audio version for upload to the StoryCorps app. We will post your video with audio clips from your interview. Email the link to your video:
  3. Similar to option #2, write your story including the same info (photo, title of your interview, name(s) of participants, keywords) required by the app. The DVP will record an audio version for upload to the StoryCorps app. Email a photo and Word document:

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San Francisco StoryCorps location and other information: 

Questions About the DVP?

Email Alice Wong:

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