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FAQ: How do I participate if I communicate using sign language, a non-verbal method or a communication device?

The Disability Visibility Project received many questions from the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind community and from people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) methods/devices

A deaf-blind woman using a device with a keyboard and Braille output sitting in front of a man using a device to communicate.

Please contact StoryCorps for any questions about reservations, accessibility or accommodations:

In 2014, we recently put out a call for volunteer ASL interpreters and we recommend you check our website for updates on any availability.

We aim to encourage a diversity of representation in the project’s stories and participants. However, we are mindful of our limitations:

  • The project cannot reach all towns and cities.
  • The project is centered on audio recordings.
  • The Disability Visibility Project cannot provide or pay for ASL interpreters for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf-Blind participants.
  • Each interview pair will receive a CD with an mp3 file of their story after their interview. For information on how to convert an audio file to text, go to our recent blog post:

This project receives receives little funding and is staffed by a single person. While we would like to pay for interpreters for participants who need them, the best we can do is search for a volunteer interpreter. Please note we cannot guarantee finding and arranging a volunteer ASL interpreter for a Deaf participant. We are in the early stage of developing a network of volunteers in San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta.

One can certainly argue that the Disability Visibility Project is audist in nature. We apologize for any potential inconvenience or barrier to participating. Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE: The Disability Visibility Project is merely a community partnership with StoryCorps. We do not represent or speak for StoryCorps in any way. 

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