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Call for Volunteers: ASL Interpreters in San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago

This project is asking for volunteer certified American Sign Language interpreters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta and Chicago who will interpret for someone who wants to participate in this project.

Image of a man at a podium giving a speech. A woman is interpreting in sign language by his side.

We want to make sure all members of the disability community have the opportunity to tell their stories. Even though the Disability Visibility Project involves recording an oral history, we do not want to exclude any people who communicate visually or by other means. We also understand it can become a financial barrier for Deaf people who want to participate in the Disability Visibility Project if they have to bring their own ASL interpreters.

The Ask: Volunteers will be matched up with a Deaf participant. It will be up to the volunteer and participant to schedule a reservation with StoryCorps.

Some details for prospective ASL interpreter volunteers:

  • The recording session is 40-minutes with the entire process taking an hour. This means you will be asked to sign for approximately an hour.
  • If it becomes too difficult to schedule a date and time that works for you and the participant, let me know and we will try to match the person with another volunteer.
  • It is unknown when and if a Deaf participant will require a volunteer so you may be on ‘stand by’ until the need arises. This project will end July 31, 2015.
  • If you are unavailable or uninterested in volunteering when contacted by Alice Wong, Project Coordinator, no problem! You are not obligated to volunteer when it doesn’t work for you.

Interested? Questions? 

Email Alice Wong:

Please contact StoryCorps for any questions about reservations, accessibility or accommodations:

For more information on how the project works:      

NOTE: The Disability Visibility Project is merely a community partnership with StoryCorps. We do not represent or speak for StoryCorps in any way. 

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