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Note on Accessibility

Note on Accessibility

Since StoryCorps records stories by audio only, the DVP is aware of the audist nature of this format. For people who use visual communication or other non-verbal forms of communication, the DVP offers these suggestions/options:

Having a sign language interpreter or facilitator to facilitate communication when recording your oral history either on the app or at the StoryCorps recording booth. The DVP understands this can be a hardship and unfair burden (see options #2 and #3). If you have an interpreter or facilitator at your StoryCorps appointment, the DVP has a limited budget to reimburse you for those services. Please send Alice Wong the details: (names of participants, date of appointment, StoryCorps location or link to online recording from the app, name of interpreter/facilitator, and copy of paid receipt):

Note: This is not a guarantee, it is dependent on the current funds available. First come, first served.

Create a YouTube video with your story including the same info required by the app (title of your interview, name(s) of participants, keywords). Please include captions in your video (not the auto-generated ones) so it can be accessible to all members of the disability community. The DVP will record an audio version for upload to the StoryCorps app. We will post your video with audio clips from your interview. Email the link to your video:

Write your story including the same info (photo, title of your interview, name(s) of participants, keywords) required by the app. The DVP will record an audio version for upload to the StoryCorps app. Email a photo and Word document:

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