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Disabled Girls Talk: #BecauseOfTheADA tweets

On the 24th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Emily Ladau and Maddy Ruvolo launched Disabled Girls Talk podcast & tumblr. Kicking things off, they started a twitter conversation using the hashgtag #BecauseOfTheADA and it burned like a wildfire throughout the twittersphere!

Who says twitter activism is ineffectual? Here are a few of our favorite tweets:

For a full recap, check out the Storify of #BecauseOfTheADA:

The Disability Visibility Project is a huge fan of these two

dynamic disabled women activists!

Disabled Girls Talk


Twitter: @DisabledGirlPod

Emily’s Twitter: @emily_ladau

Emily’s Blog: Words I Wheel By

Maddy’s Twitter: @maddyruvolo

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