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Media Partner #26: Caitlin Wood and Criptiques

Our 26th media partner is Caitlin Wood and Criptiques!

Edited by Caitlin Wood, Criptiques is a groundbreaking collection of essays by disabled authors examining the often overlooked, provocative sides of disability. Exploring themes of gender, sexuality, disability/crip culture, identity, ableism and much more, this important anthology provides much needed space for thought-provoking discourse from a highly diverse group of writers. Criptiques takes a cue from the disability rights slogan “Nothing About Us Without Us,” illuminating disability experiences from those with firsthand knowledge. Criptiques is for people invested in crip culture, the ones just discovering it, and those completely unfamiliar with the term.

Check out the anthology, their podcasts, and their free e-book.

two stickers with black text against a white background that reads 'Criptiques.' Seven buttons in red, black and white varieties. They read either 'Criptiques' or 'Crip' in bold red text against a white background



Twitter: @Criptiques

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