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Media Partner #27: Cheryl Green and StoryMinders

Our 27th media partner also believes in the power of storytelling: Cheryl Green and StoryMinders.

Cheryl Green is a writer, director, filmmaker and founder of StoryMinders. StoryMinders work revolves around education and advocacy and using film as a dynamic tool for social justice from within the brain injury and disability communities.

“Film can bring personal stories to life while challenging the stigma, isolation, and social inequities people with disabilities routinely experience.”  –Cheryl Green

Head shot of Cheryl Green: a middle aged white woman with long brown curly hair wearing a purple t-shirt

One StoryMinders project is the film “Who Am I To Stop It,” a documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury.

Logo for Who Am I To Stop film with the profile of a person's face with a fishbowl where the brain is located with a goldfish inside the fishbowl

Cheryl Green






Who Am I To Stop It:


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