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Media Partner #33: Bruckner Consultants LLC

The project is thrilled to have longtime disability rights advocates Bill and Vicki Bruckner of Bruckner Consultants LLC as our 33rd media partner!

Image of a couple giving a talk. An older white woman with shoulder-length white hair is next to an older man with glasses and a mustache.
Victoria Thornton Bruckner and William Bruckner

Bruckner Consultants has offered disability training, consultation and policy development 
for business, government, and community since 1992.

Their specialties include:

  • ADA Compliance and Disability Policy
  • Customer Service
  • Disability Education
  • Accessibility Consultation
  • Organizational Development

“Our core belief that each challenge posed by disability presents new occasions for creative thinking and innovative problem solving informs all that we do.”—Bruckner Consultants LLC



Telephone: 415-681-9445

Fax: 415-681-1089

Address: 260 West Portal Avenue, Suite 10, 
San Francisco, CA 94127-1414

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