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Media Partner #35: Verbology Digest/DDSO Employment Plus

Big thanks to our 35th media partner, Verbology Digest/DDSO Employment Plus!

Verbology Digest is an internet radio show written and produced by students of the DDSO-Employment Plus Audio Production Workshop. This 30 minute show airs at 5:00-6:00 pm back-to-back.

Image of two white men smiling at the camera. One is holding a 'thumbs up' sign. A video camera is between them.

DDSO (Developmental Disabilities Service Organization) provides a broad range of programs that champion the creativity and potential alive within the hearts and minds of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Employment Plus (E+) is a program that provides opportunities for participants to make their own choices and decisions regarding their everyday life, allowing them to participate in and contribute to community through coursework, paid on the job training, community association, volunteer activities, and ultimately employment.

Verbology Digest:

DDSO website:


Twitter: @DDSOorg


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