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Participant FAQ: What kinds of stories are you looking to record?

All StoryCorps recordings are 40 minutes and there are no rules on what people can talk about and there’s a huge range of topics and issues that are part of the lived experience of people with disabilities. I expanded a little on this in a recent interview:

Q: What kinds of stories are you looking to record?

A: Some people asked whether they have to talk about the ADA or not and my answer is it’s completely optional. The Disability Visibility Project is using the ADA as a springboard to have people with disabilities reflect about their past, present and future. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Just be sure that the conversation is centered on the disability experience.

It can be about your passions and hobbies, your personal life as a sibling, parent or spouse or something about the work you do. Much of it might depend on your interview partner and what you two share together when it comes to the disability experience. People don’t have to talk about activism, disability rights or legislation like the ADA or section 504 of the Rehab Act but they could if those topics are important to them.

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