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People We Love: Stephanie Woodward, Miami, FL

This was a fun exchange posted on Stephanie Woodward‘s Facebook wall (August 2014). Thank you to Stephanie for letting us share this!

Kid: That lady is in a wheelchair.
Dad: That’s good.
Kid: Why is that good?
Dad: Well, it’s not good or bad. It’s just normal.

High five to that Dad.



Stephanie Woodward is a Disability Rights attorney and consultant. Her work focuses on disability rights laws including deinstitutionalization, access to healthcare, service animals and emotional support animals, and physical accessibility of public accommodations. She is currently Ms Wheelchair Florida 2014 and a member of ADAPT.



Twitter: @IStepFunny


Check out an article about Stephanie’s recent experience encountering an inaccessible event held by the Florida Bar Association:

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