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People We Love: Lydia Brown, Washington, DC

The New Idealist recently published ‘The Autism Issue.’ Lydia Brown writes about the future of the autistic rights movement. As with disability rights in general, there’s a long road ahead.

There are many issues of grave importance to the autistic community. We face significant barriers to accessible housing, inclusive education, meaningful employment, or even life-saving medical care. Organizations like ANI, ASAN, the Autism National Committee, and the Autism Women’s Network have fought on all of these issues. But until it is possible for autistic children to be born into a world where they cannot be murdered with impunity, it’s hard to say we’ve made too much progress yet.

To read the entire article:

Photo of a young Asian woman with short hair and glasses. She is wearing an aqua blue long-sleeved shirt.

Lydia Brown is a queer, disabled activist whose work focuses on hate crimes, police brutality, prisoner abuse, and other violence against disabled people. Lydia is president of the Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective, board member of TASH New England, and Disability Affairs Undersecretary for the Georgetown University student government. Lydia was formerly Patricia Morrissey Disability Policy Fellow at the Institute for Educational Leadership and project assistant for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.


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