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Media Partner #50: Starkloff Disability Institute, St. Louis, MO

With the StoryCorps Mobile Tour arriving in St. Louis this fall, we are very thankful to have the support of the Starkloff Disability Institute!

The Starkloff Disability Institute has as its mission to create a world that welcomes all people with disabilities by empowering them, by influencing the non-disabled, by serving as liaison between the two groups, and by working toward a goal of economic independence through employment.

Founded in 2003 by Max and Colleen Starkloff, the Starkloff Disability Institute works on changing societal attitudes and perceptions about people with disabilities through activities that send a positive message about living with disability in order to create a world that welcomes disabled people.

The Institute does this through various projects which disseminate a positive message about living with disability:

  • The Disability Studies Initiative
  • The Disability History Project
  • Universal Design Summit
  • Direct Action
  • The Next Big Step

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