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FAQ: Access to full text and audio of interviews

On September 15, 2014, Alice Wong, Project Coordinator of the Disability Visibility Project received a question about the accessibility of interviews posted on the website via twitter.

A conversation began and Disability Visibility Project stated that only excerpts of the interviews  are included in blog posts because we do not have resources to transcribe the full interviews accurately yet.

While participants from StoryCorps may share their recordings with us, we will not post the entire audio file until we have accurate and complete transcripts. Having materials in accessible formats is important to the project and is part of our long-range plans for this growing collection of amazing stories.

We foresee having to raise funds to create an online archive for the public that will include interactive features, complete audio recordings and text transcripts of those recordings.

Access for one means access for all.

There was some misunderstanding by the person that we were excluding Deaf people when we actually are doing the opposite. We are only posting information that is accessible for all and will take our time to ensure it is done correctly.

For any questions, please email Alice:

 or on Twitter: ‪@SFdirewolf



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