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Media Partner #51: Lucia Rios, Holland, Michigan

Thank you to Lucia Rios for reaching out to the Disability Visibility Project from our Facebook page! We are proud to have her as a media partner and for allowing us to re-blog some of her recent work.

From AbleBodies blog:

Lucia Rios has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan. Born with spina bifida, she has used crutches and a wheelchair since childhood. Lucia has never seen her disability as something that limits what she can do, but it has given her many opportunities she wouldn’t have had otherwise. She feels having a disability is not the barrier, but it’s the attitudes and physical structures around her that create a disabling environment.

For the past 11 years she has worked for a non-profit disability organization.  She educates the community about disability etiquette, accessibility and employment barriers, as well as provides training to youth with disabilities. She is an active freelance writer for a local publication and coordinates social media efforts for a small business.

Lucia encourages everyone to look past the exterior of someone and truly get to know the person for who he or she is. She encourages you not to let assumptions or fear prevent you from meeting some awesome individuals.

Follow Lucia on Twitter: @luckylucia





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