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People We Love: Stacey Milbern, Berkeley, CA

This quote from Stacey Milbern really speaks to the invisible forces that surround women of color and disabled women of color in particular.

We know that women of color have been asked to hide and deny their perspectives in service of others. Sharing that you feel critical of something can be a threat to others, and the consequences can be scary. At same time, your thoughts are a huge part of who you are. The world gets better when you are your authentic you. Documenting it for the public is one of the most radical things a person can do.



Stacey Milbern is a Program Manager with the Center Of Independent
 Living and Project Coordinator for the Autistic Self Advocacy
 Network’s  Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy efforts.
 Stacey has been working in the disability community since she was 18
years old. She lives in Oakland, CA and is 2015 MBA candidate at Mills
 College. She serves on the Special Hope Foundation’s board of
directors and in her free time, enjoys exploring the Bay Area and
playing with her kitten Frankie.


Twitter: @cripchick


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