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Badass Quote: Carla Charter

“ADA was just three letters to me until I had a disability.  Then it became a lifeline to my independence.”



My name is Carla Charter.  I am a writer, special needs legislative advocate and Special Education Parent Advisory Council Chairman for the Narragansett Regional School District, covering Templeton and Phillipston, Massachusetts, as well as a wife and Mom.  Although I have had Duplication 12q syndrome, a rare syndrome, for my whole life, it never really affected me until recently.   My syndrome was only diagnosed eight years ago and only caused a disability about four years ago.    The quote came about during a recent selectman’s meeting in my hometown.  I am working with our selectmen, who have been extremely cooperative, to set up a disability committee in our town.  When explaining the need for the committee this was how I explained the importance of ADA for everybody.  My ultimate goal is to make North Central Massachusetts, the area I live in, the accessibility role model for the rest of the state.

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