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Media Partner #60: S.R. Salas Autism Blog

We are delighted that Renee Salas, writer, blogger, advocate, is our 60th media partner!

Renée Salas is a writer, blogger, public speaker and disability rights activist. Being Autistic and a parent of two Autistic children and one child with ADD, her main focus is neurodiversity with an emphasis on autism. She is the author of Black and White: A Colorful Look at Life on the Autism Spectrum, and a freelance writer for several disability-related resources. Renée is a graduate of the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Partners in Policymaking program and serves as Community Liaison for the College of William & Mary Neurodiversity Working Group.


Book cover titled: Black and White: A colorful look at life on the autism spectrum. A book by S.R. Salas

Renee Salas


Twitter: @srsalas13


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