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Media Partner #68: Shared Abilities

From Shared Abilities’ About Us page:

Shared Abilities LLC was founded by a mother of a child with special needs, in 2011.  She was touched by the experience of sitting poolside during aquatherapy sessions for her child with other parents and caregivers.  She learned that valuable information could be SHARED, no matter the age or diagnosis of the person with special needs.  And precious support could be given; support celebrating all that we all ABLE to accomplish.

After searching the internet for a similar sense of community and not finding it, she decided to create Shared Abilities.

We hope you enjoy this site and find that we can all benefit from sharing information, whether it is about therapies, nutrition, education, parenting, family related concerns, and much more.


A group of diverse individuals in age, gender and ethnicity. They are all smiling and waving their hands in the air.Website:


Twitter: @SharedAbilities

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