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Poetry by Susan Mazrui

On August 29, 2014, VSA International announced the winners of their “What is the Disability Experience?” Facebook Contest. VSA is an international organization, provides opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages to learn through, participate in, and enjoy the arts.

One of the winners is a good friend of the Disability Visibility Project, Susan Mazrui. With her permission, here is a re-blog of her poem, Metamorphosis.


I woke up in body not my own

My thoughts, the same

My dreams remained

The sun still felt warm

Music played

But the dancers wore white coats

And smiley face pajamas

Some things have changed not me.

The city is not made for me, now.

One size does not fit all, now.

Stairs are everywhere.

Stares are everywhere…

Ramps raise me up

But do not take me where you go

The tablet makes me the same as you

Until I am seen

Until you stare.


People I do not know cheer me

I am not broken!

I am fine.

Fine, just fine.


And yet, how can I be special?

When I am the same.


You no longer hear my words

They are anticipated

No need to be said

I inspire you

That is enough

For you, not me

I want to do more than breathe.

To work.

To love.

To sing.

To grieve.



You stare without seeing me

Is it your fears?

Your shame?

Your tears?

Your world has changed

Not mine

You close a door

And pity me.

And I pity you.

Because I am not the one who is locked in

Or blinks

I do not flinch

I am not afraid

I am not broken

I did not change

You did.


But you can change again.

You can see beyond the screen

You can take that ramp

It can raise you up with me.

We can be freed


Look at me.

Who I am.

Do not be afraid.

© 2014 Susan Mazuri. All Rights Reserved.


Check out the other winner of this contest and read his poem:

Susan Mazrui is a public policy professional with expertise in disability and technology.

Twitter: @SPMazrui



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