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Media Partner #73: JuneBuglet

The Disability Visibility Project loves finding other websites centered on storytelling, advocacy and disability. We are ever so thankful for Junebuglet‘s support of our project, especially for their outreach efforts to the Dallas-area disability community as the StoryCorps Mobile Tour arrives on November 20, 2014!!

From their About Us page:

This website was inspired by my sister June(bug), a bubbly and social 31-year old lady.  She’s physically and developmentally disabled and probably having a much better time than you right now.  She loves rocking chairs and  deep voices, loud sneezing and saying ‘bye.

Let’s put it all out there, though. Growing up, it was difficult to find people who could relate to our unusual life, especially when we encountered confusion or even prejudice.  I needed a place to connect with other sibs.

JuneBuglet is designed to be a destination for real, unfiltered stories, sibling-driven advocacy and the celebration of different abilities.

Think of it as an online “sib-shop,” with advocacy blog posts thrown into the mix.

Do you have a story to share? Post it here!

You’ve just made the website a hundred times better.

Erin (aka Buglet)




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