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Media Partner #75: Signs of Change Story Project

We love learning about other storytelling projects by the disability community at the Disability Visibility Project. Thank you to Cathy Waugh for telling us about Signs of Change.

From their website:

Positive changes in our mental health system have occurred over the last few decades as the stories of those treated in the mental health system were recognized. We have been able to understand the history of services from the people who lived it. From these stories we have learned what we need to change. As stories were shared we were able to see the strength and potential in the blurred lines between consumers, family members and providers. These stories have taught us the beauty and strength of cultures that may be different from our own.

Yet there is a cultural group in our mental health system whose stories have not yet been recognized. Individuals who are deaf and have a mental illness often remain invisible in our system of care and thus our ability to develop competent systems of care are limited. Signs of Change Story Project, LLC is dedicated to sharing the stories of these individuals with the hope that it will move us closer to a fully integrated and culturally competent system of care.

Signs of Change Story Project will donate a portion of any profits from the publication to the continued work of building awareness and meeting the needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If you are interested in submitting a story:

Story collection is occurring through December 1, 2014. You may submit multiple stories up until that deadline. Stories may be emailed after the date, but may be too late for printed inclusion.

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