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Letters to Thrive: Letters by Women with Disabilities to their Younger Selves

There are SO many great tumblrs out there by people with disabilities. Letters to Thrive was created by Sandy Ho and this is one you should definitely explore.

From their About page:

“Letters to Thrive” originated from a small mentoring program that serves young women with disabilities. The program, Thrive Mentoring, is an Easter Seals Massachusetts based mentoring program that pairs each of its disabled young women mentees with older women with disabilities as her mentor. The goals of the mentoring program include empowering young women to be proud members of this larger network of women with disabilities.

“Letters to Thrive” is a welcoming and safe place where women with disabilities, young and old, have the opportunity to speak and read the words from one another. Our strength comes from our numbers, our power comes from our shared bonds, and our impact comes from this community we claim.

Be sure to read these great letters. Here is one posted on November 11, 2013, “Dear 14 year-old Isabella”:

You’re going through a hard, traumatic time right now.  To be honest, one of the hardest years of your life. The doctors have just inserted a scar on your back. Your new scar, which you hate from the bottom of your heart, runs from the bottom of your neck to the beginning of your behind. You HATE every inch of that scar. To be honest, you can’t even wear clothes that expose your scars because you HATE them so much. You will grow out of it, I promise.

Recovery is one of the hardest things to go through. It will suck a lot, but think of the other way your life could’ve turned out. You would have died. I know it’s hard to think about. You are a miracle, and I know you are. You have to prove it to yourself. You have all the time in the world to prove it to yourself.

You know, deep down in your heart, that there is hope. You just need to find it. I’m glad to say that you found it, and it’ll all be okay in the end. Believe in yourself and you’ll be okay.

With Love, 
Your 16-year-old Self


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Sandy Ho on Twitter: @PerImperfecta

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