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Media Partner #82: Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning

Thank you very much to CCAC (Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning) for becoming our latest media partner!

From their About page:

Many millions cannot comprehend speech in group situations, even with other resources and technologies.  Good communications are vital for everyday life.  CCAC outlines ten places we call the ten CCAC categories of life, from education, employment and entertainment, to government, healthcare, transportation, and more, where access via captioning is vital. –

In the autumn of 2009, it was decided that a new focused captioning advocacy community was needed to push forward inclusion. The CCAC was born, first in the USA, and quickly attracted international members.  CCAC is neither a deaf nor a hearing loss association. It is a captioning (subtitles) advocacy community aiming to educate and advocate on many levels for inclusion of quality captioning where none exists now. CCAC builds bridges among individuals and groups for captioning advocacy. CCAC has members, friends, and followers, as well as organizational friends with reciprocal links, numbering in the thousands.

CCAC is a “hub” – a central unifying place for many diverse interests to gather, share information, and push forward any and all captioning inclusion initiatives, hopefully faster and stronger, in all ways we all can work together.




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