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Disability History: Charlie Carr, Boston, MA

It’s Our Story is a national initiative to make disability history public and accessible. Scott Cooper recorded and collected over 1,300 video interviews from disability leaders across the country since 2005. Check out a video uploaded on June 20, 2010:

Charlie Carr of Boston, Massachusetts, speaks about acquiring his physical disability, living in an institution, and adopting a life of advocacy.

Charlie was partially paralyzed in a diving accident in his late teens; he went on to found the first Independent Living Center on the East Coast of the US and currently serves as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Click on the CC button in the YouTube window for captions.

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  1. It warmed. My heart to see this video of Charlie, I worked with Charlie for many years, back in the 70’s. And I can remember the day i interviewed with he left such an impression on me. I though On my way home I want this opportunity so badly… when I got home there was already a message from him on my phone asking me if I wanted the job… from there I worked with Charlie and Susan Halloran as they started up the NE Independent Living org in Lawrence Ma, and to this day I have the fondest memories of working with Charlie . Charlie if you ever see this post know how much I love and respect you. Doreen Pellerin Malnati

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