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StoryCorps Accessibility Survey: Please Participate!

If you are a person with a disability and participated in StoryCorps or navigated on their website, StoryCorps wants to hear from you!! Please fill out this online survey (a Google doc). Here is a message from StoryCorps San Francisco:

Hello DVP Community!
Because of the tremendous impact of the DVP, participants and stories, we’ve rethought and reconfigured many things at the San Francisco StoryBooth. This includes replacing the standing table with 4 immovable legs that we’ve been using for years with a leaflet table that can fold down to create more room to comfortably accommodate 2 power chair users in the Booth. In addition, we sought the aid of the Blind and Print Disabled department at the SFPL and had our introduction cards translated to Braille, requested larger print forms, and had extensive, organization-wide discussions about accessibility. But we’re not done. Not by far. And we need your help!
We are hoping to make many much needed changes, and we are asking folks to fill out our Accessibility Survey to inform our organization-wide recommendations. If you’ve participated in a StoryCorps recording, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and offer your feedback. It would help us out immensely! We will be accepting responses until Friday, June 12th. Thank you so much in advance!


Your feedback will help StoryCorps improve their accessibility.



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