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Disability History: Laura Hershey, Denver, CO

It’s Our Story is a national initiative to make disability history public and accessible. Scott Cooper recorded and collected over 1,300 video interviews from disability leaders across the country since 2005. Check out a video uploaded on July 19, 2010:

Laura Hershey of Denver, Colorado, speaks about being disabled in the education system, the prevalence of images of pity, and disability issues on a national and international level.

Laura is nationally recognized for her activism and advocacy on a wide range of disability rights and social justice issues. She serves on several committees related to health care policy and engages in ongoing grassroots activism with groups such as ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. In recognition of her activism, Laura received the 1998 President’s Award from the President’s on Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

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