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Media Partner #89: Indigo Mind

The Disability Visibility Project welcomes Indigo Mind, our 89th media partner! Taking place September 26-November 5, 2015 and curated by Cara Levine + Arianne Gelardin, “Indigo Mind is an ambitious group exhibition celebrating the work of neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks. Opening September 26 at StoreFrontLab, the project features artists who explore a range of brain and body phenomena examined in Sacks’ research. These works present the influence Sacks has had on our understanding of the human condition in its limitless variation and form.

Indigo Mind highlights distinct physical and neurological states, named after various publications written by Sacks: A Leg to Stand On, The Mind’s Eye, Seeing Voices, Hallucinations, An Anthropologist on Mars, and Migraine. Each week’s focus will feature artists working within these distinctions, inviting the public to engage in activities that shed light onto these unique experiences.”

On October 16th, the DVP, StoryCorps, and artists Jennifer Justice and Cara Levine will take part in a discussion, “Listen In: Stories from the Arts and Disability Communities.” Details here:

Check out the numerous events from Indigo Mind featuring artists with disabilities! For a complete schedule of events:

For more information about Indigo Mind:

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