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1/16: #TheFutureIsDisabled Twitter Chat

The Disability Visibility Project will be guest hosting the #FilmDis Twitter chat for Dominick Evans this January!

Disability in the Future


Science Fiction/Fantasy

Saturday, January 16, 2016

6 pm Pacific/ 9 pm Eastern


#TheFutureIsDisabled is a hashtag created by the Disability Visibility Project. It’s an idea the DVP will explore with the disability community.

You might wonder, “What the hell is The Future Is Disabled?” Does it sound ominous? Hopeful? Inevitable? What does it mean? How does science fiction and fantasy expand and inform the disability experience and provide glimpses of the future?

Check out the bottom of this page for the story behind #TheFutureIsDisabled:

How to Participate

To follow the conversation on Twitter, check out the live-stream:

Use the hashtags #TheFutureIsDisabled and #FilmDis when you tweet


@DisVisibility and @dominickevans





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