Now more than ever it’s important to show pride for all of our identities and communities that make up who we are.

To celebrate Pride month, we’re announcing a #CripTheVote Swag Giveaway.

How it works:

  • Tweet “I #CripTheVote because [fill in the blank].” Example:

  • Feel free to include a photo with your tweet if you want!
  • The first 15 Tweets will win. Each winner will have their choice of one sheet of the following stickers below.
  • Winners will be contacted via Twitter by @SFdirewolf.
  • Be sure to check out our t-shirts and temporary tattoos for sale (not part of the giveaway).
  • Please note: #CripTheNote co-partners are NOT profiting from these sales. The royalties (5%) will go to the artist who created these images for us, Mike Mort.

Have Fun and Start Tweeting!

#CripTheVote Swag Giveaway Choices:


Additional #CripTheVote Swag For Sale:




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