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9/1: #CripTrek Twitter Chat

Hey disabled Star Trek fans – let’s let CBS know we’re here and we want disability representation in their new series, Star Trek: Discovery! Using two hashtags, #StarTrekDiscovery and #CripTrek, share an idea, picture, video, audio recording, piece of writing, or other digital representation of YOU and your love of all things Trek. Maybe a pic of the Vulcan salute, a poem confessing your Spock and Bones ship, or a video acting out your favorite scene – be creative!

Tweet at @StarTrekCBS and tell them why you want a disabled character in the cast! Post your contribution with the hashtags on Twitter or Instagram to make sure everyone sees your creation. You can also just share overall thoughts about disability and Trek using #CripTrek – we will keep the conversation going.

On September 1st at 7pm EST, Erin Hawley of The Geeky Gimp is will be hosting a Star Trek and disability Twitter chat along with Alice Wong of the Disability Visibility Project. For more about The Geeky Gimp:

To join that chat, log onto Twitter and follow @geekygimp. Starting at 7pm EST, Erin will start posting the questions below and you can answer using the #CripTrek and #StarTrekDiscovery hashtags.


Q1 What is the appeal of Star Trek? Why does it resonate with you as a fan? #CripTrek

Q2 Have you seen the sneak peak for #StarTrekDiscovery? What do you think?

Q3 What would you like to see in future Trek storylines? What other diverse characters do you want to see? #CripTrek

Q4 Who are your favorite disabled characters (recurring or guest) in Star Trek and why? #CripTrek

Q5 How do you think Star Trek has portrayed disability so far? Any problematic aspects to representation of disability? #CripTrek

Q6 In sci-fi, disability is often used as a metaphor. What are your thoughts on ‘disability as metaphor’ & its usefulness? #CripTrek

Q7 Why is it important to include disability in Star Trek, or any sci-fi universe? #CripTrek

Q8 .@SFdirewolf created the hashtag #TheFutureIsDisabled for the @DisVisibility project. What does that phrase mean to you? #CripTrek

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