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11/10 Post-Election #CripTheVote Chat: #WhatsNext


Post-Election Chat

Thursday, November 10, 2016

7 pm Eastern

Hosted by Andrew Pulrang, Gregg Beratan, and Alice Wong, #CripTheVote Twitter chats explored various policy issues important to people with disabilities this year. Our first chat was in February and nine months later our 14th Twitter chat will follow up on the results from Election Day, give us a chance to process what happened and start considering what’s next.

Thanks to Ijeoma Oluo for starting the hashtag #WhatsNext

How to Participate

Follow @AndrewPulrang @DisVisibility @GreggBeratan on Twitter

When it’s time, search #CripTheVote on Twitter for theories of live tweets under the ‘Live tab to follow the full conversation. 

If you might be overwhelmed by the volume of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions, check @DisVisibility’s tweets. Each question will tweeted 8-9 minutes apart.

Use the hashtag #CripTheVote when you tweet. If you can’t join us on 11/10, feel free to tweet anytime before or after with the hashtag.

If you don’t use Twitter, check out the live-stream:

Check out this explanation of how to participate in a chat by Ruti Regan:

Questions for the 11/10/16 Twitter Chat

Welcome to our Post-Election Day chat. Please remember to use the #CripTheVote hashtag when you tweet

If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #CripTheVote

FYI: we will not be engaging in pointing fingers and finding fault about what happened during #Election2016. Gotta look ahead. #CripTheVote

This chat is a time for us to look ahead AND to hold space for each other, provide support and process our feelings. #CripTheVote

Please practice self-care and if the conversation is too distressing, feel free to take a break or seek help. #CripTheVote

Q1 So….that was some election. How are you feeling right now?  #CripTheVote

Q2 When in pain, feeling stressed or traumatized, what are some things you do for self-care and healing? #CripTheVote

Q3 What surprised you the most about the election results? #CripTheVote

Q4 What are your concerns and thoughts about the future Trump administration? #CripTheVote

Q5 Based on what you know about Trump’s policy platform, what changes in policies will impact disabled people the most? #CripTheVote

Q6 For many in the community who feel threatened by Trump, esp intersectional disabled people, how can we support one another? #CripTheVote

Q7: #CripTheVote will continue well after Election Day. What recommendations do you have for our movement in the future? #WhatsNext?

It’s ok if you’re not ready to think about #WhatsNext and need time to just be. Your survival and existence matters. #CripTheVote

Q8: The work of creating community & bridging divides is hard. What ‘work’ does the disability community have to take on now? #CripTheVote

Again, if you’re exhausted, in pain, and struggling to ‘fight another day,’ we get it. #CripTheVote will be here when you’re ready.

This ends our #CripTheVote chat. Many thanks to everyone who participated. Sending you all hugs of solidarity!

This Twitter chat will be archived in Storify later this evening. Look for the link with the hashtag #CripTheVote

About #CripTheVote

#CripTheVote is a nonpartisan campaign to engage both voters and politicians in a productive discussion about disability issues in the United States, with the hope that Disability takes on greater prominence within the American political landscape.

Please note we do not represent the entire disability community nor would we ever claim to do so. There are many ways to create social change and engaging in conversation is one approach.

Facebook Page:

A note on language and why we use the term ‘crip’

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