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Our Existence Is Resistance: Summer fundraiser for @NationalADAPT

The Disability Visibility Project® is thrilled to offer new swag recognizing the activism taking place right now as disabled people fight for everyone’s right to healthcare, especially Medicaid: OUR EXISTENCE IS RESISTANCE. 

100% of the profits from this fundraising campaign will go to ADAPT, a national grassroots organization until August 31, 2017. Your support will help ADAPT bail out their people from jail and cover other costs related to their work.  

Buy now from the DVP online store! [click here]


We have OUR EXISTENCE IS RESISTANCE long-sleeve and short-sleeve apparel including items in toddler/youth sizes in a range of colors and prices.

Wear your swag with pride! Take a selfie and use #ADAPTandRESIST and #SummerOfADAPT, hashtags created by ADAPT.

Inspiration from Eb (@erabrand/@modeldeviance on Twitter). Buy their original designs in the ModelDevianceTeePublic store:

Please Note: the leadership of ADAPT approved this campaign.

Existence Is Resistance! (Assorted Colors)

Image description: Image that links to showing a black long-sleeved shirt. The shirt has white text in all caps: OUR EXISTENCE IS RESISTANCE. In smaller text in yellow below: @DisVisibility.

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  1. Alice- with all that is going on with potential ADA changes coming to light and Betsy Devos trying to take away disabled students rights can we run another one of these campaigns to help ADAPT? more arrests just yesterday. I want to buy several of these! I did not make it in time on the last order and would rock this shirt!!

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