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Ep 65: Black Mental Health


Today’s episode is about Black Mental Health with Imade Nibokun. Imade is a mental health advocate and the creator of Depressed While Black, a website featuring mental health stories from a Black lens. You’ll hear Imade talk about her experiences in the mental health system, missing narratives in Black mental health, and the need for culturally competent and peer-led care. Please note the following content warnings for this episode. You’ll hear mentions of forced medication, restraint, eugenics, medical trauma, coercion, suicidal ideation, and hospitalization.


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Imade Nibokun, a Black woman with short hair smiling
Imade Nibokun, a Black woman with short hair smiling

Imade Nibokun is a writer and communications professional living in the Bay area. As a mental health advocate, Imade originally wrote Depressed While Black for her 2015 Columbia University MFA thesis. Imade later expanded Depressed While Black into an online community and an in-progress book that explores race, religion, and romance all while popping Prozac and navigating therapy.


Twitter: @DepressedWBlack

Instagram: @DepressedWhileBlack


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