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Limitations of the Disability Visibility Project: Keeping It Real

We aim to encourage a diversity of representation in the Disability Visibility Project’s stories and participants. However, we are mindful of our limitations:

  • The project cannot reach all towns and cities (except for using the StoryCorps app).
  • The project is centered on audio recordings.
  • The project cannot provide or pay for ASL interpreters for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf-Blind participants.
  • Each participant pair will receive a CD with an mp3 file of their story after their interview. For information on how to convert an audio file to text, go to our recent blog post:

This project receives zero funding and while we would like to pay for interpreters for participants who need them, the best we can do is search for a volunteer interpreter. Please note we cannot guarantee finding and arranging a volunteer ASL interpreter for a Deaf participant. We are in the early stage of developing a network of volunteers in San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta.

NOTE: The Disability Visibility Project is merely a community partnership with StoryCorps. We do not represent or speak for StoryCorps in any way.

Please consider contacting StoryCorps directly with questions about accessibility. Let them know what you think!

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