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Media Partner #31: Disability Fieldnotes

Because disability history IS culture, we’re especially excited to have Disability Fieldnotes as our 31st media partner!

Photo of a white woman looking to her left. She has long brown hair.Founded by anthropologist Liz Lewis, Disability Fieldnotes: Notes on the Anthropology of Disability is a blog looking at disability from a cultural lens. “I hope to use it as a platform – albeit a modest one – to draw attention to disability issues in contemporary America and also to illuminate them as an area in which scholars can have an incredible impact, both theoretical and applied.  The anthropology of disability is a small, but growing, field.  We need voices, stories, and scenes to enrich what we know, to shape our future objects of inquiry,” says Lewis.

Disability Fieldnotes:

Liz Lewis:


Twitter: @lizlewisanthro

Tumblr: DisabilityFieldnotes


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