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#CripTheVote: Upcoming Events (Feb-Mar)

Disability Visibility Project and Disability Thinking invites you to several upcoming #CripTheVote events!  

Online Survey

Now available … the first #CripTheVote Disability Policy Survey. Please participate and tell us what issues and ideas you care about most. We will discuss the results of the survey during our two March Twitter chats. Deadline: April 30, 2016.

To participate in the survey:

If you are unable to complete the online version of the survey, you can follow this link to a text-only version, or request a Word document by email from Using this method, results won’t be anonymous, but we won’t be reporting or discussing individual responses, only aggregate results.

Twitter Chats

March 9, 2016: Democratic Debate

March 10, 2016: Republican Debate

One-hour before each debate, time TBA

When the debate begins, check out the live-stream:

Follow @AndrewPulrang @DisVisibility @GreggBeratan on Twitter for updates.

Use the hashtags #CripTheVote and #DemDebate or #GOPdebate when you tweet.

About #CripTheVote

#CripTheVote is a nonpartisan campaign to engage both voters and politicians in a productive discussion about disability issues in the United States with the hope that disability takes on greater prominence within the American political landscape.

While #CripTheVote is a nonpartisan project, we understand that many people have already developed preferences for particular candidates. This is great–we only ask that everyone is respectful in their interactions with each other. Our primary focus here is on increasing engagement with disability issues as a part of American politics and on the need for that we are all in agreement!

Please note we do not represent the entire disability community nor would we ever claim to do so. There are many ways to create social change and engaging in conversation is one approach.

Additional information on voting and people with disabilities and a FAQ about this campaign:

A note on language and usage of the word ‘crip’:

Questions? Media inquiries?

Email Alice:


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