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Natl Disability Voter Registration Week: Why do you #CripTheVote?

The #CripTheVote campaign invites you to tell us

 why you #CripTheVote!

The REV UP Campaign is coordinating a National Disability Voter Registration Week to increase the political power of people with disabilities while also engaging candidates and the media to recognize the disability community from July 11-15, 2016.

Click this link for an online voter registration form courtesy of RockTheVote!

Check out this article by Sarah Blahovec for more information: National Disability Voter Registration Week Is Coming. Here’s Why It Matters.

From July 11-15, tweet your story with:

“I #CripTheVote because_____________.”

Some things to consider when tweeting:

  • What does political/civic participation mean to you?
  • Why is it important that disabled people get involved politically?
  • What issues are you most concerned about this election?
  • What message do you want to send the candidates and other elected officials about the power of the disability vote?

Below are a few tweets from disabled people for a recent swag giveaway (now concluded) as a sample:

7/14 update: We added a few more tweets from folks this week at the end!


3 thoughts on “Natl Disability Voter Registration Week: Why do you #CripTheVote? Leave a comment

  1. This is a wonderful move to get the voices of disabled people into the political process – and to heighten everyone’s awareness about the challenges of living with a disability, whether it is a condition from birth, the result of a work injury, or a mental illness.

    But I do wonder at the timing. The primaries are over, and Bernie Sanders was clearly the best candidate for people with disabilities.

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