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Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech: Reactions from Disabled People

Meryl Streep gave an acceptance speech at the Golden Globe awards on January 8, 2017 where she mentioned a Serge Kovaleski, disabled reporter for the New York Times (but not by name) and the treatment he received by Trump. Full text transcript here.

Social media blew up praising and criticizing Streep. While many people w/ disabilities thanked Streep for the mention, my reaction was ambivalent. When asked on Twitter, I responded:

Below are some tweets, blog posts, and articles by disabled people about the speech and the overall framing of disabled people in the media.

Erin Hawley (January 12, 2017). Dear Meryl Streep: We Don’t Want Pity, We Want Progress. Rooted in Rights.

Emily Ladau (January 9, 2017). I’m A Disabled Woman Who’s NOT Celebrating Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech. The Establishment.

Sarah Levis (January 9, 2017). Meryl Streep, We Don’t Need Your Outrage.

Bill Peace (January 9, 2017). Meryl Streep, Ableism and Help.

s.e. smith (January 10, 2017). Meryl Streep, Listen Up: #Disability Shouldn’t Be the Only Trump Card You Play. Bitch Media.

Jessy Yates (January 11, 2017). Dear Meryl Streep, the Disabled Community Has Bigger Fish to Fry Than Donald Trump’s Mockery. AlterNet.

Twitter thread by Kim Sauder:

Twitter thread by Emily Ladau:

Twitter thread by Alex Haagaard:

Twitter thread by Zoé Samudzi:

Twitter thread by Kaitlyn Plyley:

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